Using computers to effectively create, manage and manipulate images is a science. Each technology - Medical, Document, Multimedia or Imaging - and each file type - DICOM, TIFF, PDF, BMP, JPEG (and we are currently supporting over two hundred) - takes you on a journey of discovery.

For over 30 years DSCallards has deployed specialist technical software developers to produce bespoke software applications for many different companies that supports, converts, creates, writes, annotates, scales and manipulates images of all varieties.

Our Services

Medical Imaging

Creating software for manipulating visual representations of the interior body for clinical analysis and medical intervention.

Mobile Aplications

Powering mobile devices to view and control images of all sizes, shapes and format.

Document Imaging

Paper is not dead, you still need form recognition, annotation, character recognition and bar code read and writing.



Medical Imaging

Clinical trial support, HIPAA compliant DICOM image uploader that is web accessible from anywhere in the world with full security.

Supplier Paper Management

Taking supply chain paperwork, scanning, reading the data and simplifying data entry.

Theme Park Video

Creating immediate bespoke videos for a customer in a UK leading theme park, annotated as they ride.



Medical Imaging


Document Imaging






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